Well, here’s my first (decent) model render. Some questions below


  • How can I make stuff like hair and fur?
  • How can I make materials more like glass, metal, and stuff like that, I mean, change the basic material into other materials?
  • How can I use pictures as textures? Which image formats are campatible with blender?


BTW, you probably noticed, but I’m still a supernoob. At least I can do some stuff, lol :stuck_out_tongue:

All of the questions you asked are easily ‘findable’ on the web.
Do the ‘noob to pro’. If it still exits.
However, in saying that, your model is pretty good for a noob…

The model shows your potential revealing a good style and a strong start.

For all of your questions I truly recommend you the Wiki.

such a lot of questions, agree have a deep look at the wiki and enjoy the learning. good start from you.

Very adorable and funny char :slight_smile: Luv it! :smiley:
Good luck.