Clay render:

Decided to make my old guitar model a little more interesting

I like it! The concept is good. I think the main thing letting the image down is the background image. It seems like the scale is wrong. I’m not sure exactly why. It may be that the depth of field isn’t affecting it enough, or the bricks are too big. Love the guitar model. Cheers!

Yeah, the texture wasn’t big enough so I had to choose to either upscale it or have it tile, and the latter is a sin so…

You could’ve always mixed in some procedural textures in with the image to help break up the tiling (for finer control, you can even mix it in according to channel with the separate RGB and separate HSV nodes).

Right now, it’s only detracting from an otherwise high quality and well-executed concept (the only thing for the foreground I would add is something for the top of the guitar to reflect).

I made a quick photoshop editing of your image. Some suggestions on colors and lightning.