entanglement tranciever. need suggestions.

Hi all. started working on this a couple of days ago, its still looking pretty bare to me. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Its supposed to be the quantum entanglement data transceiver aboard a spacecraft. I havn’t decided what to put on the computer readout screen, and i need more thingymobobs in general. just can’t figure out what else to jam in there.


randum pipes and wires on the wall would look nice.
also somthing complex like that would probubly need more controles than that try puting a keyboard like thing on the desk below and maybe another readout flat on th desk.
I think graphs with equation next them on the screens would convey the complexity of the devices function well.

thnx for the fast reply. I was thinking of some kind of graph, on the screen, maybe a spectrograph. you’ve given me a lot of great ideas, imma steal some. thanks!

Hello Vampyre,

Maybe you could put a 3D holographic interface somewhere, you know projecting from one of the devices.

I actually thought about adding a holographic interface but I decided i dont want anything too fantastic distracting from the crystal. This update is minimal but working with indigo is slow for me, it took 9 hours to get this grainy render.
I added a base around the cube, a power access panel, and some texturing. I think i’ll be adding a keyboard on the desk, and maybe a coffee cup next.


A vacuum chamber
A NMR machine
Maybe have a look at some images of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance equipment. Experimental quantum computers use NMR. Perhaps you could get some ideas from them and modify it to your needs. Maybe put a Sierpinski pyramid, or cube in there somewhere?

What a very cool name and image. Can I use the them in my book, Sojourn to Phoenix, which I started here on these forums?

fatfinger, thank you! I’m off to search, sketch and model.

PapaSmurf, no problem.

I added some pipes and wires, i am really liking how this is turning out. I think with a bit of texture work it will be done. Any C&C or suggestions are welcome at this point.


The red pipe like object blocks the panel slightly, so if there were to be someone in dire need to access it, they would be pissed, kick it and say “WTF Mate? Who puts this damned thing here?!?!”

Jsut saying… :smiley:

or they would trip on it on their way to the panel, stub their toe, accidentally press the wrong button, thereby releaseing the quanutmm energy into a transceivingness state which instanteously transmorgraphies into a localized but highly temporal (thank goodness) singuarity which sucks him into oblvivion and then re-stabalizes.

lol yeah, everything is kind of exposed and jammed up together, but its not as tight as it appears, its the camera angle and the lack of a human reference. I might move it over a little to the right anyway, wouldn’t wanna accidentally touch cryo-cooled pipes. I’ve added some image maps to the wall and ceiling to give all this metal something to reflect and a few leds inside the pipe structures. once this render is done enough i’ll post up another pic

It uses Bell’s Inequality.

I think i’m done… the materials still look a bit flat but i’m ok with that I guess. Once it has 60 or 80 hours to converge i’ll post the final image in the finished images forum