I’m starting an animation for school and I decided I wanted to share it :slight_smile:
This is just a single frame. I wont be able to submit any animations due to my internet speed :frowning:

If you have any crits then don’t hesitate to tell me

Post a slideshow or something. I want to know whats going on in the animation.

I think that it is really cool - you made a snapshot of an event and it conveys emotion. With sound, this could be sad or funny.

Here’s some progress I made on the antagonist of the story.

trying to get a good material

I understand he looks grossly disproportionate but thats what he’s supposed to look like

Just post a .GIF! You can convert many .jpgs/pngs to a animated GIF on the GIMP

Hmm. But will that allow me to upload it faster then an avi file?
And if so can you point me in the direction of turning .jpgs into .gif animations?
oh. And thanks for helping

GIF is tiny compared to an avi
Just do like every 3rd frame for a 10 second short or something.

The whole gif thing aint that much smaller. Most video-streaming if done with FLV (flash video) which is very compact. When you finish the animation it’s probably worth waiting for the upload, or getting your school to upload it somewhere. Vimeo seems to be the current choice for Blenderheads.

Trying my hand at the compositor. This is going to be the hero’s sword

Still need to finish rigging it so I can easily control the unfolding of it.