Enter Orbit

please checking that i tried use that would like prefect and nice pretty but i have show you other render image want show that


i want like that kind

i did checking that from blender3D.org that kind of that i like that http://www.blender3d.org/cms/Particl…ion.349.0.html

i need want know please help for that thank you also i like on top want become Heat HOT also i need want know please help that thank you

You either have a hole at the top that is letting those particles thru or your “Permeability” setting in “Deflection” is not 0.00. If it still lets particles slip thru then try to put another, invisible mesh there to help deflect.

To make it look hot on top you need to set the Halo Size smaller, set the Hard higher (or do both until you have each halo looking right) and give your Vect Setting a positive value (greater than 0.00) so they look like sparks. Then you can use a Blend Texture that goes from transparent (before it hits any metal) to white (where it is hottest) to yellow, to orange to red.


Sorry this is so late but I was unaware the file was sitting in my mailbox.

Your Permeability setting on the object Circle.008 is 0.100. Change it to 0.000 and the deflection is fixed.