Enter the villa

I try to challenge my skills or work on the lack there of. I did everything in this image in blender, I used 2.75.1 I worked mostly on composition of the image also laying out a project and the textures. I used my old cart model (ha Ha) and also Andrew prices pepper bush. I play with the color and finally a little composting So with all that said I submit for your approval _Enter the Villa. critiques and comments are always welcomed. Thanks for viewing.

I suggest you to watch the tutorial about realistic textures of Anrew Price. After that I hope you will understand the mistakes here.

After a few tweaks to the material and removing the defocus node . I thinks this is better

Do those materials have any bump map?

yes they have bump ,applied and displacement, maybe it hard to see because of the image soften in the compositor.

Here I fixed a mapping problem with the stonewall texture. I changed the road texture, and I removed the soften node.

Hmm… I’m still unconvinced wit the bumping. It seems like there is a bumping, but id doesn’t correspond to the wall’s stones. The stones don’t stick out from the wall. Instead, it looks like the wall is covered in a rough wallpaper with stones printed on it. So, you probably have a bump map which suggests a rough wallpaper rather than stones.

I want to thank everyone for their input. I have some issues with the mapping of the stone texture. I haven’t figured out why the bump isnt rendering. It maybe the quality of my textures. This was a learning experience I will apply to my next render. thanks again

Maybe if you share the blend or post some screenshots of the material someone can help with that :slight_smile:

I looked at the original and i threw out all of the tweaks and I found that I had to scale the uv’s of the stone wall -x and -y which was why the stones were going the wrong way. which also made the odd streaking. I add a couple extra plants to the scene and gave it a render and here is what I came up with. again thank you all and again a lot of lessons learned.