Enter the wackyness!

(SLID3) #1

Since were allready as farfetched as talking about immortality ill add my own 2 cents in saying wacky things.

“Linux, its a bigger virus then that monkey in Outbreak”



(SkyWriter) #2

at least it only effects the weak.

GNU/Linux - Devolution in action!

(system) #3

“You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth”
|_ 1 5 |_| >< ™©

(acasto) #4

Are you all serious ?

(blengine) #5

i heard linux is becoming huge and a MUST to learn if you want to get into future programming and business…grr…but y i dunno

(rivenwanderer) #6

wackiness, you say?

purple elephant? what purple elephant?

(steve343) #7

linux is becoming huge. basicaly because windows is trying to make companies promise they will upgrade every year or two (its in the new contract ive herd )!!! sometimes i think microsoft forgets theres any compitition

(ZoltarX) #8

Where I work we are starting to run Oracle servers on Linux wherever possible. Say no more.

IMHO I would say Linux is not in a position to challenge Windoze in the desktop area yet.


(denzombie) #9

“This is not the Operating System you are looking for…move along”

(acasto) #10

for those who don’t like Linux, all I have to say is…NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!

(SkyWriter) #11

yeah, no problem. I’ll stick with steak (Real Unix™).


(Green) #12

mmm 30 year old stake… :stuck_out_tongue:

I would take canned soup over that anyday.

(Briggs) #13


I’ll stick with an OS that actually has the applications that I need to get my work done instead of switching (back) to one that either dosn’t have equivalants or only poor facsimiles.

Who likes cold soup anyway?

(joecool) #14

I hate windows ME
Can I have some soup? :-?

(dreamsgate) #15

I hate Windows ME too

but it’s too hot for soup cold or otherwise

can I have a smoothie instead?

(acasto) #16

we’ll see… in a few years, everbody will be wanting some soup !!!

(SkyWriter) #17

so, linuxboy, when is this going to evolve past ‘file not found’? the only link that DOES work is the linux one.

(acasto) #18

I would be surprised if you could evolve a website past cut and paste HTML, or maybe Frontpage, I may be wrong though. For your information, I am waiting to get things consolidated on this end before I go uploading. If I was to post a bunch of half finished pages, in which the major changes was in the unseen code, then linux hating morons would again complain.

I on top of setting up my server, giving away the space that I pay dearly for every month, and starting a new job to help pay for that, I am also learning C, GTK, scyld super computing, perl, python, while I’m working on some freelance jobs. If you have enough time to complain about a linux website, in which fact you claim to hate linux anyways, I suggest you get a life.

( I am NOT referring to non-linux users in gerneral, people have the right to use any operating system they choose. My comments are directed at those whom actively voice their opinions while having no real linux experience.)

(Goofster) #19


o…and…LINUX SUCKS! long live beOS! (well, not very long…but anyway)


(SkyWriter) #20

I suppose using linux from 0.99pl12 on SLS (that’s Soft Landing Systems) distro doesn’t constitute ‘real linux experience’? yes my friend, i am intimately familiar with linux and it’s foilables, and it indeed is inferior.

here’s the website i developed in my free time: