I want to get better at creating good art that conveys feelings efficiently.
i am currently working on this:
i plan on:
-fixing the anatomy of the people, maybe make them more alien-like
-enlarge th people
-add smaller detail to make the people appear normal height and not peanut sized

theres more, but i want some serious crits on this. seriously, go wild and pick it to bits.

Ok, let’s see. I’m assuming you want it to look fairly minimalistic. However, I think you should either add some neon lights to the walls, or take away that one light/window or whatever that is above the door. It’s hard to tell what that’s supposed to be. You should rig the people and put them in different poses. They seem to all be standing in the exact same way. Possibly give a little bit of depth to the doorway. It looks like it’s been cut out of a paper. With a doorway that large, the walls would probably be thick. Other than that, the overall concept is interesting, and the hard lighting works well.