Enterprise 1701-A

It’s a model a made a while ago and converted to Blender. It had a lot of problems after the conversion and took a little while to fix. The model was originaly made in Anim8or 0.85 :o as you can probably tell :stuck_out_tongue: .

But, I still like it, and I still like playing with it so here are some images.


Go and visit my new webpage to download the video I made with it.

nice, now it’s time to completely redo it in Blender!! Come on!!
Get a Klingon warbird and have them go at it!! !w00t!

Not as impresive as mine

haccodk he posts here for crits not to say ‘mines better’ and stuff like that.

Howitzer its a cool model so far needs work get more windows in there im not a fan of the prog or anything so tahtas all i no :smiley:

Then by all means, post yours here so we can critique your “masterpiece.”

Howitzer: You’ve got a great start there. Keep working on it!

Looks good. Now just don’t go overboard with the textures :wink:

I assume that you guys know that you can already download the Enterpirse-A from the Star Trek Blender site?

Where’s the fun in that?

init no fun in just downloading models better to model :smiley: make it your own :stuck_out_tongue: got any updates howitzer?

Yeah, it is nice to have a mesh that you have done all yourself. You do not have to mess with permissions to do anything with it. I just wanted to make sure that someone was not “re-inventing the wheel” so to speak.

Nice modeling and it looks like you fixed it pretty good. But still it will need textures.

looks OK, but I IMO the nacelles(?) are too blocky, the whole ship would benefit from higher poly, unless it’s for a game…btw I once modelled the 1701A (never posted)…

good job for it originally being Anim8or… lol that’s what I used to use too

Wewt! Enterprise! I love Star Trek. I think it’s very nice, simplistic but nice. But I’m a Star Trek buff, so I’d like it anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Right, do it over in Blender! We want to see!


Thanks for the comments.

I am well aware of the quality of my mesh. But after all- it was made
originally in Anim8or- right before I switched totally to Blender.

And you won’t be seeing any updates anytime soon. I consider it a legacy mesh that I sometimes playwith (like that old rubix-cube you could never quite get rid of).