Enterprise Based Startship

Hello Everyone!
I found this site a while back and thought it had a great community, but I didn’t have a need to use it until now. I learned Blender a month- 1 1/2 Months ago, and I’d say I’m about Intermediate level. about a week ago I figured I had learned enough on Blender to try and complete one of my 3D Modeling Goals- Model a Enterprise Based Spaceship.

The USS Zenith,(Nexus Class), is a work in progress, and I’d like some good feedback on it. I’ve never tried to make a model this big, (or ambitious), so some tips, things to fix, etc.

Thank You!

Here is one of the shots of the USS Zenith. (In Object View). I currently have no texturing done, and a primitive lighting system. So far I have the main outline of the saucer section done, (not many details though), the basic midsection, and a basic Stardrive Section(The bottom cylindrical party with the warp engine).

This is a shot in Object Mode:

and then here’s a side view of the ship when it’s rendered(cycles)

Next I plan on working on the Nacells. My strategy for this project is to get the basic frame done, and then do details such as windows, warp plasma tubes, etc.