My first real model

It’s still being build
But the upper decks and engines are complete
The upper image is without raytrace and the other 1 is with raytrace


erm add OSA, Set Smooth and maby subsurf

nice work

Which Enterprise is that exactly? I’m seeing old 1701 in the nacelles, but the saucer looks more like D. Otherwise this is a great start. One thing you might want to do though is light the ship with a layer light so that you don’t have it casting a giant shadow on Earth :wink: .

the saucer of enterprise D is a oval form and this 1 is round so it a modern version of the first Kirk-enterprise.

The shadow on the earth has been fied.
The problem i had where the engines
i wanted the real warp engine light but i don’t know how and no tutorials exist of creating warp engines. So i had to improvise and came up with this 1. It looks good but i want it better.

Does anyone know where i can get the textures of the enterprise? The texture of the saucer is an illustration and it’s ugly.

I renewed the enterprise with raytrace.

COME ON, I need tips,


I think you should work on the earth texture the most. Really blury.

Enterprise in action

Gimme some tips

Ic3Cold, the texture’s blurrines is due to the small size of the texture image. Higher resolution textures would be needed for a sharper texture.
For a first real model, it’s great. Welcome to Blender community! Welcome. :stuck_out_tongue:

Set smooth all the models except the ship/saucer itself, and decrease the “specular” value and increase “hard” value in all materials. Use raytracing.

Nice so far…

Your Earth atmosphere looks a bit off… i can see the vertex points (i guess you could call them that)…nice start though


You say that you are using raytracing, but, what exactly is using raytracing? And what is that weird blue spot on the rear of the Enterprise?


That wierd bluen spot is the reflection of Earth

Eaytracing is that it shows reflection and shadows and stuff.
Without raytracing it doesn’t look real

Welcome to Blender and elYsiun!

I think that your materials are WAY too reflective - you should use more detailed textures (like mentioned before) for the ship and the planet.

You could make a seperate texture channel with only windows on it and let it emit light to get more life into the ship :D. The background stars are too big, they should be more subtle. A halo material would be nice for the drives. And and and … :wink:

Work on the lighting, the objects look very plain right now - the lighting could accentuate the depth of your models.

Good start, keep it up!

The engines are halo lights so is the atmosphere of the planet, in a reply earlier i asked for better textures but no one has them.

But it’s 1 of my first designs so i am testing with it (what blender can do).

If someone else has good examples of starships: SHOW ME,

i need some examples

No need to get nervous - it was no offence ;).

Here are some useful links:

Star Ships:

Planet Earth Textures:

The real enterprise was a lot less shiny then that and didn’t have reflections of space objects on it. The atmosphere needs work as I can see the individual halo objects making up the atmosphere and doesn’t quite fit either.