Enthymeme - Animation land

Hey all,

I’m trying to learn some advanced animation skills. I’m starting at the basics but hoping to get heavily into body mechanics. I’m currently using some of the CGcookie rigs… I’ve been reviewing some of their courses as a refresher.

Critique welcome! I’m really hoping to learn a lot here, and thus hoping for some feedback. The things I’m specifically trying to learn are weight and appeal. I’ve done a lot of graphic design animation, but I’m trying to learn things like anticipation and squash&stretch.

so with that in mind, my starting point: bouncing balls.




forward thanks, and cheers!

Here’s some simple body physics with cgcookie’s Stomp rig.

walk cycle:

and simple jump:

next up: more complicated body physics stuff.

Good practice so far!
I’m assuming you are familiar with the 12 principles of animation? I came up with my own Seven (8) Principles of Animation. Perhaps you’ll find them helpful!

Hey thanks dudecon! that’s a helpful little analysis there. I’ll give it a more careful read later.

Here’s a more complicated jump. Hardcore parkour! Body physics is hard stuff… would love some feedback!

Thanks for looking!