Entire viewport connected to object, NOT camera

Hey there,

I have a project where the entire viewport is kind of “drawn to” a certein object. Rotating around selection and zooming to mouse cursor is enabled, yet still, when I want to zoom into a detail somewhere, with every increment it takes me closer to said object, directy. Zooming out moves me AWAY from that object, so whenever I zoom, I have to adjust the entire viewport, hundreds of times in the course of an hour.
It’s like the viewport is bound to an axis to/from that object.

P.S.: this happens in “Layout” workspace. I switchedd to modeling and my hair is growing back
When this object is moved, the same thing happens, only the viewport moves with it.

I constantly get lost, realigning the camera on the subject happens by pure chance, since mouse scrolling has a very strong effect. I really can’t work like this, what did I do???

Try uncheck “To 3D Cursor”


Almost, same panel: it was locked to an object that was parented to the object the view was “attracted” to. Thanks for pointing me there, never would have found this!