Entoforms... win one

Hi everyone.

You might have noticed, my Entoforms have been all over the place recently. I’m trying to get enough money together to do some art exhibits and develop them further.


Oh and for those who didn’t see yet… or didn’t link it to the Entoforms… I also did a small “shipwright” script to show that the stuff I’m working on isn’t just usefull for me… but can be applied to other cases as well… see here

The crowdfunding campaign has less than a month to go now!

So I started a small giveaway… you can win your own unique Entoform if you help spread the word. This is the $284.- campaign perk!

Read what you need to do for a chance to win here: http://www.entoforms.com/2011/07/04/win-a-unique-personal-entoform/

They are really good and I had really look at the image to see if it was a render or an actual photograph. Can’t really tell these days. I mean recently there was a photoshop’d picture of the late well well known person with another well known person, but the late person was kind of “aged”.

But yeah - my post somewhat bumped your thread, so in a way I am contributing to your campaign.

Oh shoot - it’s raining outside.

Haha… thanks kbot…

Actually, almost all the images I’m using are photographs, not renders. The one above here is as well… they’re all actual 3D prints.

good luck macouno.