Entombent of a machine

I’ve been working on this for the past couple of weeks, still needs alot of work but here’s a render of it so far:

Its an android that’s been left in an industrial complex
if ya wanna see other WIP shots i also posted here: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?p=5066687#post5066687

A Little dark but absolutly nice!

Maybe give a little more light if you want crtitcs on the modeling but for the scene, it looks good to me.

Hard for me to critic!
Well done :slight_smile:

great modeling and nice idea

its hard to find something wrong but i would just say that the scene does not have the feel of an industrial complex. perhaps the addition of some machinery would help give it that feel.

I love it. Such a great scene! Grr, your composition and scene placement are spot on. I envy you haha.

Umm… to me it looks like the blue light is coming from behind that gear-looking thing with the wire coming out of it, or just above it. Perhaps you should make the source. Other then that, everything else looks way sweet.

It needs to have some dust to look abandoned. It looks to clean right now.

Other than that, its a superb start! I especially like the modelling of the head. Very detailed.

HOLY CRAP! That’s pure talent right there.

isnt that a song by job for a cowboy
a really really good song
and your render is really really good too i like it

thanks for your comments guys; i’ll render out a pass with ambient occlusion so you can see it better; also yeah the blue light needs tweaking; and the dirt/rust/dust will be there when i start texturing, i wanna finish modeling before i go to texturing. and lets say its a random abandoned place instead of an industrial complex, and oh, hell yeah its a job for a cowboy song, they pwn.

here it is:

I would turn down the AO. The lighting especially on the tiles in the UL was really effective in the first one.
Were it me, I’d go half way between the two.
I also agree with For Serious about a source for the blue light.

Great picture by the way! Modelling, composition concept…

4.2 out of 5 very nice!

I would add some colour to the mech… Maybe a blueish metal or so…

Great scene I think the composition could gain a little by moving the robot a little off center (golden cut). I also think that a lighting situation inbetween the two posts would be perfect. You might want to try the tonmapping and gamma correction ypoissant is talking about (linear workflow). This might be exactly what you need to get that extra detail to show in the scene.
I also agree with J09 give it some more dirt n dust.

hm, well to solve the brightness problem i’ll probably render out a few different passes then photoshop them ontop of one another when everything’s done and im color correcting. and yeah you guys are right about dirt and dust, i know i can use textures for dirt and rust but anyone have suggestions on doing dust? I dont want to get started on texturing quite yet though

update started texturing the bot; here’s a rough render:

ahh thats soo CRAGY!!!(yes cragy)

my updates are few and far between hah. anyways, Ive reworked alot of stuff, i did a low quality render and photoshopped it; I went a bit crazy yeah… but anyways:

thats cool, it looks as if the blue light may be coming from a brain which has suddenly started working again! Great job

hm thanks, heres a new render. the back wall tiles is now textured instead of plain geometry. no post in this one