Entrance Hall Re-Design

This is a selection of proof-of-concept renderings I recently completed for a customer. She is re-designing (along with an interior designer) the entrance hall to her house and needed to understand how the design ideas would work.

The structure is existing but all panelling, furniture and fittings are new. The third image is understanding how a hidden door for a lift would work.

These aren’t photorealistic but I think they’re good enough to get a view of how the project will eventually look.


Really great work! Compliments!
I’m a sucker for green, love to see some plants but I can understand that sometimes your limited by the client…
Can you reveal some of the lighting set-up?

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Thanks very much for your comment. I appreciate that.
Completely agree! It definitely needs some greenery and I think some artwork and ornaments.
For the lighting, I’ve kept things pretty simple:
World background: Gradient texture between blue and white to emulate sky (much faster than HDRI)
Interior Lights: 2 emission planes - 1 from the RHS corridor and another from above.
No other light sources.

Awesome style and color scheme. Looks great. But when do the people plan to move their stuff in? :wink:

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Haha, point taken. :smiley: