Entrance hall

Hello, I’ve been building this work based on a photo, I’d like to know what you think.
Rendered in Cycles 2000 samples 42 minutes.

it looks so realistic

To mouch noise for 2k samples, everthing is to clean and perfect.

this looks really awesome. maybe its the lighting but i thought it looked really nice. And I think the material of the stairs is great.
only a couple things i think could help, is the plants need more realism, more samples for less noise, slight bevel on house siding, also the door having the cuts going past where the door knob is, is strange. or the door in general looks a little strange in general. I also really like the pot containers and the material on them looks like the right level of gloss.

Really nice work.

Thanks for everyone’s comments, I’ll try to improve the scene with your information!