Entrance of a city

Hi friends!

A YouTube of an GE screen capture.


i’m making a entrance of a city. The architect remodelate some pieces of a street and ordered me modeling it. I’ll make a interactive presentation using the Blender game engine.

The development:


A big hug!

Upload with an YouTube vídeo.

Duuuuuuuude, that must have been like a hell of a lot of work!
It’s just, well, kinda boring…

Well this is good. It’s looks a huge project…
The scene looks nice, although i didn’t quite liked the presentation video. You could have made a nice smooth flyby through the scene instead of walking around and bumping into trees… i guess that’s just for presenting it to the community.
In the final presentation, IMO you should make the animation as smooth as possible.
Keep up the good work!