entrance to my name

hey guys any idea what can i do to better this and make it more realistic? What do you rate this. 1=bad 2=alright 3=good
its just a entrance to my name.

I’d say it’s allright but it’s not good or anything like that.
I think you should look at some reference videos (for example. introduction videos of other companies) and see what they do.

The fade in at the beginning doesn’t look great, you might want to play with that a little bit. Try adding a little movement to the text (IE have your name very slowly moving towards the camera throughout the animation). I would definately speed up the explosion modifier at the end. Maybe keep the explosion to finishing within the course of 1 second. I would fade out the spotlights when the name explodes too.

I’d give it a 1.5 right now. Good sound effects and I like the camera flashes.

It was quite boring. I liked the voice and sounds.

you should see the intro to my name huh.