Entrepreneur Project

Information deleted…

Ill help. Not with your game, but I will gladly help you hang yourself.

to get a professional game you need venture capital and financing to pay professionals. I think that is actually the difference between “amateur” and “professional”. So, while some of us are professionals, we would be glad to help out. What is your budget?

I sent you a pm. If you’re serious about this, I will need concept drawings and a rate that I can quit my current job for. I will send you another PM with some of my recent GE work as well.

Hope this works out = )

The concept drawings dont have to be really detailed, I just need a general idea of what kind of level you need.

Information deleted.

I swear, many time no one reads the whole post. Looks like he’s just paying $100 for 5 levels. The way it’s written, seems like the game’s done, but just needs brushing up for good look and gameplay. Probably quick money to whoever will be up to the task.

Jason Lin

I did read the whole post actually, It was edited afterwards to include that information. ( Last edited by XVR : 17-Apr-07 at 14:46.)

Anyway, XVR I like the concept .blend you sent me, the dynamic lights look pretty cool. Check your pm’s = )

Oops, my apologies.

Jason Lin

Well I guess since XVR removed his posts and has not responded to my pm’s, he wasnt serious about this endeavor.


I would love to get paid to work with Blender.