Entrepreneurship, would anyone want a Qumarion motrack simplified?

I’m a blender user and student working on evaluating the potential for an american based qumarion type motion tracking device, especially a simpler design with fewer joint movements.

http://www.clip-studio.com/quma/ (the qumarion)

I’m taking an entrepreneurship course about launching ventures and this is one of my favorite ideas, but I need to evaluate it to be sure there’s any demand before I move forward.

What would be simple and affordable by my opinion would be a playmobil like simple motion tracking figure as a first release.

I put together a very short simple survey to evaluate that idea and a few other questions before i move forward on the idea. (an answer to question 7 is absolutely essential)


At this point i’d like any sort of cheap easy animating tool myself at a lower price point than qu, and developing a fully joint functional one later (I’ve got ideas on how to do this).

Since I use blender myself, blender compatibility would be a #1 priority.

Any support or advice would be greatly appreciated. If a lot of people were very enthusiastic about it it would make things go a lot more easily and a lot faster. Course if you want to bash the whole idea altogether i’m supposed to take that feedback graciously too.