Entry for competition

Hello Blender community. Here is an interior render for a competition I’m entering. Any final critiques besides increasing the samples?

try making the stone more of a matt finish
second the lighting denotes a strong light from the window and yet the window isn’t bright
thirdly things are too perfect, try putting imperfections into he floor mabey a few stray hairs sticking out of the brush
mabey make the tubes dented in frome use
but still looks really good!!:yes:
hope this advice helps!

Thanks! There is actually a large skylight over the shower but the window needs more bloom. I originally rendered the shot wider to include the bloom from the skylight, but it drew too much attention away from the center focus. So I switched to a tighter shot.

Did you use a normal/bump map for the wall texture? I can’t see it.
If not, take a look to this tutorial, “The Secret of Realistic Texturing”, it helped me a lot.

I agree with blue, you need some variations on the surfaces. Nothing is perfect. Some stains on the mirror and dirt in the flow. Maybe some chalk on the tap and the shower window.

Very nice overall but the vase needs less reflective roughness

It looks great. Maybe you could add water droplets sliding along the walls. On the left, it’s supposed to be a shower, right? Less light would be good. I’m not talking about making this a dark scene, but maybe add some volumetrics, or particles flying on the air. In fact, forget this particle thing. It’s not like the bathroom is an open space in the woods, is it? :smiley:

Wow nice! kinda confused that sink does not have a drain?