Entry for the Mini-Game Contest

The Shooting Gallery!

You’re at a carnival, and this is one of the attractions. You have 2 minutes to achieve as much score as possible.


The game is designed for 2.34. Running it in 2.25 produces bugs, such as some targets not responding and alpha channels not being in the right order. Note: It’s intended that the shot doesn’t go exactly where the target is, due to gravity.

You may need to adjust your volume to hear the sounds, since Blender plays them very quietly.

Ideally I wanted to include some music, but until the new engine gets mp3/ogg support this just isn’t feasible.

I’m keen to continue with my other projects now, so I hope you all enjoy the game :wink:

andy that rox.

That was Cool Andy :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work Andy83, Finished so soon too!!


Great mini game Andy83, very polished feel!
(My best score was 570. Lucky with the red target!)

hmm, you beated me, i came only up to 347 or something :wink:
But it was Funn :smiley:

mine was 1000000 :stuck_out_tongue: jus joking mine was 400 odd.

great game! my score was 475.

mine was 2350
though it felt like more than 2 mins…the countdown was very slow
running 2.34 on a win98 celeron machine :frowning:

excellent game A.

note that any game based upon “time” in blender is not going to be fair when comparing scores. so you’ll have to just play against your personal best times.

and as he finishes i still havent begun lol. I’m planning something stupidly complicated and all i’ve done so far is half a spaceship model.

well lots of work at the last minute for me.


wow, great game!(Must…work…harder…on…mine…) :wink:
I got 565! :smiley: (first time, too!)
Abracsis?! Weren’t you the one who made that Expanse game?! :o

I really like this game alot. Good job Andy.

Great fun, i got 875 2nd try, 775 1st.

One thing though, sometimes the targets wouldn’t respond to me shooting them, the orange ones and the red one especially.


you have the game?
can you bive me the link, i lost it when my computer Died :frowning:

No, I’ve never played it before, I’ve just seen screens.

Thanks for all the replies! Glad some people have enjoyed the game :slight_smile:

I did notice that time doesn’t seem to work properly in the game engine. Supposedly setting an always sensor with pulse 50 should fire every second, but this isn’t the case. So I configured it to roughly equal a second on my system (Athlon XP 2600+). Slower systems will get more time, faster systems less. Would be nice to have a true time based engine :frowning:

Is this in 2.34? This problem occurs for me when running 2.25, but never in 2.34. I can’t seem to find any flaws in my programming, so I figure it must be an issue with the engine. Occasionally a sound might not play in 2.34, but all the targets still respond.

Cool Andy83 very nice job :smiley:

what about timer properties?

realy cool.
jm :o

I’ve replaced the always sensors with timer properties, and it seems to work more or less at the correct speed now. Though there is an error of a couple of seconds or so in each minute, since you need to setup a timer sensor in a small range instead of fixed number. Can anyone confirm it works at the correct speed now?