Entry level positions for Decayed Studios

Hello Reader,

Decayed Studios is seeking artists of caliber and passion. We are a young game development company. We believe art can come in many forms; be it drawn, modeled or written and we want this philosophy to proliferate throughout all of our work. However, the nature of our field requires many hands to make light work.

We are seeking talented individuals for positions within our company. We are only seeking those proficient in Blender or Python at the current time. We are only seeking freelancers for a one project assignment. Those individuals that truly show us passion will be recalled for later projects.

The Hiring Project

The project Decayed Studios is currently accepting applications for is named Fort Night (working title). It is a multiplayer real time strategy role playing game. It draws inspiration from many older single-player console games. We intend to take their spirit and bring it forward into today. There is a lot of work to be done to do this. We are accepting applications for all positions.

How to Apply

As much as we would love to take everyone and pay them for being an artist, that is a fiscal impossibility. So, we must be selective. We are looking for experience but, determination and the ability to work with a team is more highly prized to us.

We ask that each applicant send a portfolio of their work totaling no more than 100MB along with their resume. External sites are a wonderful citation but should not make up the bulk of the portfolio. We will be checking the presentation of the portfolio as well as neatness and clarity. We want it to represent your best work, not necessarily your most current work.

All applicants should be sent via e-mail to [email protected] , subject title - Fort Night Application.

Please leave this thread for questions and comments, not applications.

Could you add a link to your website to show your previous work so users will be able to see if you are someone they would like to work for. They wouldn’t then be wasting their time needlessly going through the application process.

No, our website is not currently active. This is our door-opening project, and as such, we have no references to cite under this label. Thank you.

We will be updating regularly.

so have you done any games yet?

You really need to post images or something you’ve done. You may not want to hear it, but you need to sell yourself a bit. Nobody begins a business with no experience in the field. I started a custom furniture business 6 years ago, but I’d been working in the industry for 10 years prior to that, so if I had been hiring at the time, I would have had 10 years of pictures of furniture I’d built.

We can not cite anything we have worked on. It is not because we do not want to, it is because are not allowed to present any of our any of our work under a new company label. I hope you can understand that the industry is going through a difficult time with some recent major issues and it is our best interest to stay clear of any legal turmoil.

It’s not illegal to say “We worked on X”, or list past positions - a resume in other words. Or just personal work (surely you have some?). But hey, I don’t care. Not my company.

We will no longer discuss our company position on this. It will not change. We have concluded that we will design a project over a short time as a representation of our work. Unless the community asks us otherwise, we do not have full resources devoted to this project at this time. We appreciate your patience on the matter.

As I said, I don’t care. Just giving you some good advice. No reply needed.


Get your website online.
Something to show that you’ve put more effort into your company than just a 5 paragraph post.
No one will take you seriously unless you show them.

I think you missed the part about a it being a hiring position. What if they are a writer with a budget able to fund the rest of the project? Who cares. Why are you so busy driving into their privacy? Maybe they made erotica, can’t exactly post that here. So why not try to leave this topic to the people who are interested.

It was just some friendly advice. People like to know who they are dealing with.
You didn’t really need to make another account just to tell me off.

just took a chance to see if my line of work is needet a composer/ sound designer

As much as we would love to take everyone and pay them for being an artist, that is a fiscal impossibility.

How much and in what way are you planning to pay artists?

I think he’s saying, unnecessarily, that they would love to hire everyone who applies. But yes, I’d like to see more info. I’d be interested in modeling props and providing textures, but I won’t blindly submit a portfolio to a business? about which I know nothing. As far as I know, it’s three 12 year olds - no offense - there are some brilliant 12 year olds floating around here. I just can’t afford to work for one. Again - no offence - I’m just speculating. No website, no info at all. It smells like they are trying to hide the fact that they are not very professional at all. Hell, even most 12 year olds here have portfolio sites.

mailed you guys as a composer

Agreed 3D medieval, think yourselfs in our places decayed studios, and about the age thing, I had problem with 30 year old guys , its quite hard to believe in someone without no prof of nothing.

I really want to know where I m steping before I move forward with anything.

I can tell you.

It’s brother and sister team with a $700 computer.
The art director -the sister- of this ‘company’ has been heavily involved in 3D animation since April of this year [2012]

Actual quote: “until three weeks ago, the only experience I had with 3D modeling and animation was what I watched on Pixar DVD”

They have also been posting on warez forums looking for ‘hackers’ and other like mined to join them.It seems they will be financing their gaming revolution through a glorious Kickstarter campaign. Any day now…

Thanks, Google !


I read through some of the posts (link below), and you guys sound like nice people. I really do hope you make it happen. You are just not ready to hire people yet. I’m a business owner, and have been since 2006. Trust me, there are all sorts of annoying things that happen when you start a business. Fees, and licenses, fines for late filing, IRS state and federal withholding, sales tax and on and on. Forms and more forms. Accounting (I use Quickbooks online for $12/month - pretty easy to use). I do not have employees - I’m a one man business, but work in a close partnership with guy who owns a big shop and has several employees. I like to keep my business lean and small, so that if I have a bad month, I don’t have to pay huge rent and payroll.

Trust me. Try a little game on your own before starting a full fledged business. Even Steve Jobs started in his garage. That’s all I’m saying. Start in your garage (metaphorically speaking). Get to know some of the game developers on this site. They are nice, and will help. Just don’t come out swinging with nothing to back your words up. There is massive talent here. Tap into it, and go slow. Learn as fast as you like, but go easy on the business part. Trust me. I run a clean, legal business, and pay my taxes. It’s a lot of work. Have fun without all the business crap.