Enuvesta's sketchbook (BLACK AND WHITE)

I am totally in love with Blender :orange_heart:
The best part is that it has a button or checkbox or a slider for everything :slight_smile: the amount of widows, tabs, setting or addons pretty soon gonna explode my head, there for I’m starting this sketchbook to help me learn, and get connection with this awesome community ))

My goal is to get my blender animations to look more like traditional hand drawn 2D animations, greatly inspired by @goro.fujita inktober work in Quill (like this https://www.instagram.com/p/B4OaAqnI7GH/ )

Here is the first bit:

I’m using grease pencil here, and wasn’t yet able to animate it properly in 3d space… (like if I put bones in her hair, how do I get the strokes to bend properly…)


Another piece where I was figuring how to use uv-map :slight_smile:

  1. The best part here is the way music frequencies correspond with crystals emission via Audvis Addon by example.sk (which took eternity to find, purchase and install))) (pic.4)

  2. I’ve tried particle emission for the first time, very enjoyable experience (especially after a week of unsuccessful gas simulations ))))

  3. Ideally I want my animations to look 2D and hand drawn :slight_smile: it’s a hard task, and the first step here is to master Freestyle render property !! (the black lines , which ment to be ink)

  4. Also my first experience in compositing (i had to composite freestyle lines in a different scene with another render engine , and then bring every thing back together…) My brain hurts…(pic.5)


Lotus sketch for my art style development

Does it need smth in the background to become the final piece?

done with this tutorial https://youtu.be/pb_VCHO5H30

latest sketch ^___^ Here I practiced displace modifier, transparent textures, some particle emission .
And I’m surprised to say that the whole thing took only a couple of hours, so I guess I’m getting handy with all the tabs and buttons :slight_smile:

Also used this tutorial for a little interference on the glass!