Env map Q noobi

How do I get the Env map to save out, and where does it go after I click the save map button? I can’t find it in any directories.

Cheers David

I answered that in the last thread you asked.


Yes I know, and thankyou for that but where does the template that you suggested go. I found that blender just renders the 6 view on the way to making the final render.

Really thanks very much it was a great help.

That’s why I suggested you put dummy combinations of cubes and squares around your model. Once the six sides are rendered and you can save and load your EnvMap into photoshop you can use them to see from which (envmap) camera each of the six blocks are rendered. Now, in photoshop (or whatever) you can paint in your imaginary surroundings, again using the dummy objects to work out exactly where the horizon is on the horizontal 4 blocks and which way round they go.