Env map study

(kai_yak) #1


I been playing with env map alot lately trying to uderstand all there is about it. In the following picture the reflection is very pixely and i cant figure out why. The CUBE RES is at 1000. If i put the FILTER up it will look blury and fix the problem. But i want a clear reflection.

Any ideas??

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(BgDM) #2

I think it is because you don’t have the object subdivided enough. Either do a beaty subdivide, or just a subdivide and then smooth on the object. This will give it more faces and should smooth out the reflection.

If this is a sub-d mesh, then try converting it to a standard mesh, “ALT+C”, and that might solve your problem as well.


(kai_yak) #3

Hey BgDM,

I cant beleive i dint think of the so obvious solution. Anyway thanks for your help and here is the final version. Nothing special just a reflection study.