(Ecks) #1

Hi I have difficulty to get a realistic effect with env mapping (I want to make a window that look like the window of Nayman fighter) and also difficulty to make chrome? Anybody have a tut or want to tell me how?
Thank you to all who will help me! :smiley:

(BgDM) #2

Here is one that I made. It is in PDF format, hope you can use it. Also, there is one here at elysiun, in the tutorials section.

link -> http://mysite.iptic.com/bgdm/spherical_envmap_tutorial.pdf


(Ecks) #3

Tx you very much!!! sorry I forgot to watch in the tutorial section…
but NAYMAN can you help me…I want to make a window that look like the window you made for your attack ship…TX

(Nayman) #4

I dont know how mine turned out so wel lactually

Here is what to do.

Make a sphere with a sky texture and emit set at full. Add a plane for the ground, and set up the camera to look at the horizon. So you have a plane for the ground, and half a sphere for the sky. Set some loightas so the gorund can be seen. On the ground, put a rock, or dirt texture.

Build a small sphere in the middle. Set env map on it, and set cube res to a few hundred. in the spheres material buttons, set orco to Refl
and set Csp spec and Relf in the top Right. Render the scene. After that. Go into the spheres texture and save the enviroment map. ON your object in yuour other scene., sewt the objects material the exact same way, set ztransparent button, load the envmap and turn down the col slider a little