envelopes, IK and GE

I’m working through the info on this topic, but for the moment, I just want to make sure I understand things. I’m posting in animation, not GE, but the topic might just as well belong in either.

Correct me if I’m wrong:

  1. Envelopes are not supported in the GE. You have to bake them to vertex groups. (In pose mode, select the mesh, go into weight painting, press W, “apply bone envelopes to vertex groups”).
  2. When doing the above: it seems I can select only one bone at a time. :confused: Hugely time consuming with a complex mesh/armature, is there a python script?
  3. IK is not supported in the GE. Is there a python script to bake to constraints or some such? I thought I saw one once, but couldn’t find it here.

Again, I’ve only just started to work through this topic, so pardon me if the questions are answered elsewhere.

EDIT: ok, duh, I found the envelope assignment script in the bundled scripts. (running 2.42, btw.) SO ignore #2.

Likewise, I’m searching for IK baking scripts since standart BAKE button doesnt solve the problem (since 2.37, as far as I know).

Humph. OK, so now I’ve found the “action bake” option in the Action window - ignore item #3 in my first post. So busy searching the forum I forget to look within the program itself. (“It has features!”:rolleyes: )

This should work, but I have the same problem mentioned in this thread. I used empties to anchor my IK at the joints, where they meet my spider body. (see sig.) But when I try the baked action in the GE, nothing happens…shouldn’t the body at least wiggle a bit?