Envinronment Doubt!

I separate parts from my model object its a conteiner with around 600 faces.Have now all texturized 8 objects parts all No Collision.Is better create a instance group? for add by empty or make Control + J and add with shift + D . I will use around 10 conteiners objects to my level.


the container should be 1 object, to reduce the impact on low end pc’s, So all planes(decals) and everything else that should be/with the container should be joined together. so Join everything into the container mesh for best performance. Or you can move it all to an hidden layer, and create a group out of it and then add the group in the main layer. The option with lowest impact is the option that has less objects(bge don’t like a lot of objects).

but remember all objects are no collison i will create 2 cubes and 2 planes for collision only.The player and zombies will have a free acess out side top and inside of conteiners. I think if i create a group in inactive layer with instance is better.

does not matter, the fact is no collision or with, an object stays an object, more objects will eventually slow down blender a lot or even crash it.

You don’t need to forget that if you use python, a for loop loops trough everything so if you try to grab some scene objects that loop need to loop trough ALL the scene objects in order to get the few you need.

the add object method is the most efficient. just remember to ‘end object’ the spawners.

create an invisible hit box and set the mesh as a child like you normally would.

this idea is good for camera frustum can you give a example in python for behind camera in this case for add remove objects right?

i this case i just create a group and after instance then can add remove correct?

Group instance not working i just stay original center origin of initial geometry of object may be this causing error? the instance group dont appear

then type if i put 10 conteiners in level by empty spawn is better joined together for performance then can add planes invisible like static to detect coliision i think. Starting pút conteiners.

you can just leave the physics to static, no additional planes needed, if you have a group then just keep container at static and all other things to no collision.

my conteineirs have around 600 faces just 1 not good static very strong processing to bge 4 planes solved i thonk with more performance.I try joines together but texture allgo to last not good.

i would not bother with adding collision planes, i hate them in games, neverwinter got them as well blocking routes we may not take. 600 faces for up close is nothing, and for distance you simply replace mesh into a container made out of 4/6 planes. but that is how i would do it.


also dont forget, static has the best collision detection there is. no other physics setting can compete against static. (don’t believe me? make a plane with a hole in it, now make a ball try to throw it trough the hole, static is the only one who does what it needs to do, convex/triangle etc all has collision issues, dont believe me? make a mountain give triangle mesh and walk over it with a character, you will fall trough the ground sooner or later)

box, capsule, sphere etc are the most stable. they never get stuck half inside another, even against triangle.

static with no bounds is about the same as triangle.

never use convex hull. :nauseated_face:

static physics is super cheap. however, raycasting (python) can get really slow at times with certain dense geometries at certain angles. ive found its related to the length of the ray.

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indeed, that is if you use bounds (for most things i don’t even use bounds, just static alone is enough(for non moving things))

True, but more dense then triangle setting, with triangle setting i get so much trouble

convex hull i use only with warnings and exception box is good and no cost processing.