Enviroment mapping?

Hi all I really wanted to make a reflective serface in bge but soon relized that-that required both hardcore scripting and a lot of RAM non of which I have so I was wondering I it was possible to render enviroment maps in bge I cant seem to do it using the on programed in blender without doing an actual render.


Check it:

on the site, go to textures— Reflective 2.49

Remember- This is not reflective, just shiny-looking.

cool thanx, but I need simi reflective aka not dynamic or a sky box of the enviroment mapped inside of the object (I really dont know how to explain this)

Will the object be moving? I got it! If your object does not move, unwrap it, make a new, 1024x1024 image, and then go over to the render buttons, go to bake, and hit “Bake Full Render”. That should map the reflection onto your object, right?

I’ll try it out, first.

Edit: worked like a charm! :wink:

it looks ok but thats not exactly what im looking for I want to be able to render a 3d cube sky box type thing around an object so its sort of dynamic with the enviroment but its not fully dynamic.(wow this is really hard to explain) I think martinish did some thing like this and halflife 2 uses this method

never mind found it http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=153493&highlight=reflection now if only I could shade the object