enviroment test

Just a little project I was working on today it took me a bought 3 hours but im thuroly satisfyied with it tellme what you think.



Looks nice, although, aren’t most of those objects from some template of sorts someone else put up here a while ago?

forgot to mention that, all of the objects in the scene are made by me exept the grass texture that was made by jblur. for the rocks I scupted them with the sculpting tool and made a copy of it then decimated them then copyed the tangent normals to the rocks

Looks really cool!.. But the trees look a little short compared to the grass…

a little bit of urbinization going on


a very crude fence


it might be so in your country but as far as i know are the pillars (not from the fence) to close compared with the area.
Correct me if i’m wrong.

nice job but there is to much going on now with that fence, well thats my opinion

Hey Bill, like your stuff ! Maybe you could de-saturate the grass texture a bit ? The trees have a nice and natural colouring to them, but the grass looks a bit cartoony to me ?

Nice scene though !

that is because it is shadeless my computer cant handle shadows and shading on the grass

and yes I thought it looked a little bit cluttered and yes spreading apart the poles and taking out the fence really did help thanks for the comments


close up of the propane tank


I decided to go mideval with it its a pretty genaric house I did it in about an hour and a half but Im satisfyed.