Environment and Animation WiP

On the left is a render of the right a view port, the render is just plain flat looking by comparison.
That aside, what I really want to know is why the view port shows my spec map but the render does not?

Any thoughts?

Hi Anthony, feel free to pack the textures into the blend file (File > External Data > Pack All into .Blend) and then send me the file to my direct email if you like (that’s on the DVD itself.)

Thanks Aidy, I suffer from acute I WANT IT NOW syndrome, so I bought the download version instead of the disk. :frowning:
I took a stab in the dark and went with gmail. If I was wrong or if anyone else wants to take a look here is a link.


Hi, I’ve just taken a look and sent you an email with the solution.

Basically, there is an option to ‘invert’ under image sampling within the texture tab that is on, just turn this off and it should be ok again. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you’re not sure what I mean, i’ll send you a Blend file with the details and the corrections. :slight_smile:


Thanks Aidy, I just finished reading your e-mail.
I remember clicking invert but for the life of me can not remember why. lol
May have been when I had the texture stack in a different order and for got to turn it off.
As for the 1050 render, that was from before I got to you setting up the ortho camera.
I had it over sized so I could crop it. I’ll resize the the textures in GIMP before moving on.
Here are the results of the changes.

Thanks so much.

cool! Glad it worked for you, i’d uncheck the ‘normal’ influence that the specular texture is having on the bumpiness as well. I think that would make it look a bit nicer, but that might just be my personal taste. :slight_smile:

I’ll get my work flow figured out eventually. lol

Finally got around to doing some more work on this project. (Stupid Old Republic)
Anyway, these are the curbs all baked out. Looks like paving slabs are up next.

Anthony C the last thing you need is a bunch of questions but the baking caught my eye. Just how many items are you baking out and what determines ‘Who’ gets baked. And, what kind of bake. Sorry but I have to ask.

The baking went well and I like the fine details of that map. Depending on how close you want to show them the geometry could use a little more silhouette, especially at the joints. Very fine map, though.

Thanks. Not being much of a painter at all I was pleased with the outcome.
I am not sure I like the seam either. I may rebake the map without the grime in between.

I think the curbs ended up getting baked three times per component.( Spec, Dif, Norm)
Once a single curb section was to my liking it was cloned into a four piece section of what you see then baked onto
a simple plane that was extruded to match the shape then baked out again edited and baked a final time.
Oh and It’d be a lot easier to stay focused if I was the one getting baked! :wink:

If Aidy sees this and approves of the idea I’ll do a quick documentation of the process for you.

I really like the textures Anthony. Maybe the bricks could use a little bit more large scaled dirt. They look quite “shiny” atm. Just a little bit more wear would be nice. But if you want to achieve this clean look it’s all good. :slight_smile:

Thanks Anthony I have it. No need to get in any trouble. Also I suspect you are showing it way bigger then it will be seen in the actual animation. I’ve got the getting baked part down already. Pop top tilt to about 45 degree angle…

Righty oh, I may have to pop a top tonight myself.
Picked up a sixer of Alaskan Amber over the weekend but have not gotten into it yet.

Thanks :yes:
I am not sure what Aidy has planned for them yet so I will have to wait and see.
May indeed turn out I need to grunge them up a bit.

Took your advice and I think it is much better looking now, Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

Couldn’t wait on you guy and had to pop a top here. Let me get this straight Anthony your curb is now a flat plane? And, if that’s the case what happens when the camera gets almost over it. That of course wouldn’t be a problem with a ground plane which was baked.

But, with a baked object sitting 90 degrees to the ground plane doesn’t that restrict your camera movement. Damn, if only I got paid to ask the dumbass questions. And, here’s what sent me down this road.

… what you see then baked onto a simple plane that was extruded to match the shape then baked out…

It’s the “extruded to match the shape” clause that makes it work. :wink:

Well, damn isn’t that ingenious and is going to look nice at real size even with the camera pulling in. Man you are well on your way to being smarter then the governor. :slight_smile: And, you know I’m laughing my ass off with what is happening with our former dummy here in Virginia. “Trial to wrap up in days”

Anthony you seem well on your way to wringing everything possible out of this course. And, I salute you in that endeavor and won’t bother you for at least a week here. You are already into some fascinating stuff there.

Bother me whenever you like. :wink: lol

This got me to thinking… Here it is as flat planes.

Not good for animation but would work well for isometric or top down game textures.