Environment and Mech


  1. Here are the first screenshots of something of a medival theme I will do. lthough there is an idea to think about where to attach a sci-fi mech. Like it is being repaired and all sorts of tools and parts are scattered around. A kind of mixture of sci-fi and the middle ages.

  1. Added a Mecha by removing the stairs and changing the back wall. Redesigned the so-called metrics, reduced the modules of arches and walls, also adjusted / reworked columns and ceilings

    The mech came from a mixture of thoughts about titanfall, anthem and gundams :smiley_cat:. More refs collected on the board, while not very organized

    Now, I’m thinking about how to complicate the layout, while I added small stairs

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  1. Added a dome over the Mecha. Redesigned arches, walls, columns. Added a staircase to the second floor.
    In general, there is a lot of empty space in the scene now that needs to be filled with something.

  1. Added a couple of assets, made UV for the objects, tested the light baking.
    And added some details to the Mecha.

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  1. Outlined a couple of sci-fi assets.
    I am thinking how to lead cables from the sphere to the mecha, like the mecha is charging​:zap::robot:. And I start to break objects into materials