Environment Artist / Level Designer :: CYBERPUNK

Hi, I am working on a cyberpunk fps level, you can check out more about the game here: http://www.indiedb.com/games/cyph

I am currently developing a small pilot level, I would really like to have it finished within the next month, I am looking for a reasonably priced freelancer <$20 an hour who can help me finish this, you need to be able to demonstrate you competancy with levels and environments, if you can’t prove that I would encourage you to volenteer for the project.

If you are interested contact me via message here or e-mail neuroc453 at gmail dot com.

The workflow will simply be that I will share the pilot level with you and we can fork it and then recombine what we have worked on in that time.


I would really like to help, but I’m a noob… I think I’m not ripe yet to do this kind of work professionally… but you could try me out as a volunteer… anyways good luck with the project…

I just want to work with someone who is competant with decent self direction to help me finish this level.

Here is a developer diary.

How many hours would you estimate the work to get the level done takes? I see a huge need for texturing and lighting in your WIP video but also some more detail and topology is needed. And you’ll need lots of props to fill the streets and interiors.

You must have an estimation on it since you’re offering such a good per hour pay?

The level is very simple. it looks like you used alot of blocks with simple repeating textures of high rise buildings.
I think what you first need are more assets, which you can reuse (like the street lamp, steam pipes, traffic lights, mailbox, garbage can, power lines, gutter aso…) and a set of modular elements (doors, windows, building parts, street parts, rails, stairs, bridge, aso,…).
and then you can add uniqued models like the globe (or a statue, a unique building, aso).
You also don’t mentioned if you want to make smaller instances or if you want to create large levels (areas) with a LoD system.
I just mentioned everything, because a City Scene can pretty fast turn into a performance killer, when every building is unqiue and all the assets are unqiue, because of all the diffrent Textures and Materials.
To keep parts a bit random you could for example use the Modular Element Stairs and build a Mesh Morph (or just modified mesh) for some variation (delete or twist some of the stair steps for example).
Just some ideas, i actually don’t wanted to make such a large post hehe.

I sent you a PM :slight_smile:

We can try this project,
see our cases firstly,http://game-silkroad.com/game_en/case.html
if you are satisfied with them,please contact through the email below:
[email protected]