Environment: City Light (Focused Critics Thread, be warned)

Hi people,

I’ve started working on this after being inspired by an image made by Chris R. over at cgtalk (cgtalk is having difficulty or watever, gonna post it later)

so here it is:


Feel free to post critic, suggestion and ideas.

try to keep the 2-3words reply away plz…
Tx :smiley:

i do not like.

theres four words for u X.

okay, back on topic:
IMHO its too early to give any real crits. i can say like, add textures, more stuff, etc. ii cant really tell what it is, let alone give it crits until theres more there.

:EDIT: wrong forum? i hope this isnt done…

Actually, this is a Finished Projects thread, not WIP.

Other than that, WTF is it? A pipeline?

I think its a futuristic highway.
X this is to early to really crit. The moddeling is great but we have no idea what to base our crits off of. So when you get further along Ill come back and post a serious crit.

he he he

i agree to early to say anything, just thinking that the intersection device is somewhat pointless, wouldn’t it be easier to just go over the top of the other road, or does it absolutly need to be flat.

Alltaken :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I like this so far, it gives the idea that this is going to be some form of station and flight terminal, the arms of the main building look like they may be some form of docking arms, I was wondering if maybe they should point out from the corner of the building, or maybe the building should be turned diagonally to the tracks, this would allow more docking area for larger vehicles.

This model gives me more of an idea/feeling of an industrial dock than passenger terminal, is that what your after?

Good work on the modelling so far, I await updates.


I will also say that it is a little early to be stating anything really constructive.

Can you give us some reference material so we can see what you are aiming for?

Modelling, as always, is exceptional.


This is stupid, I had two browswer open at the same time, one with the finished project page, another with the wip section…seems I didn’t check or was too tired to see where I was posting. If a mod see this thread, feel free to move to WIP section, I will be updating this several times in the next days.

my inspiration image so you guys can get an idea of the overall thing:

tx for the replies, update later today

Hi X-Warrior.

This looks like a good structure - although those docking bridge looking things perplex me. Maybe I’ll understand why they’re positioned that way as you’re updating because it seems to be that these are two close together to be useful from a functional perspective. Again - though - depends on the real intention of them.

Also - with the posts around the top of the building, the two posts right next to each other are a bit of a clash. Makes it look like you were determined to place the posts equidistant from each other and then realised at the corner that you’d measured incorrectly or something.

I do like the level of detail you’ve already managed to model into this and am looking forward to the progress.

I shall try to keep my criticisms constructive.


So far it looks like 2 skyways crossing each other on top of a tall terminal type building, too early to really tell what it’s going to be.

WOW, THANK YOU…gosh, nice from you to point it out…I would never have known! even after about 5people already replied to the thread saying that! What could we do without you!


Funny, I can’t help but wonder why you want to turn from a respected guy to a hated weirdo on these forums, but it’s your business. There is no point posting something like this and saying that you want constructive criticism and attacking everyone who says anything else. This already turned into a guessing game, what that thing could be that you are modelling, simply because not even that much can be seen, so what do you expect?
It’s not everyone else’s fault, it’s yours. Or do you want to read stuff like the lighting is too flat, shadows aren’t definitive enough, and you should have a lot more interesting background, and it seems that the material should be a bit more metallic, but I would need to know what it is to tell that? This is all I can say, since I have no clue what the model is supposed to be, so how could I comment on it (besides guessing what it is)?

Well, the only one I attacked his kansas_15, first of because he’s one of the people I not respect the most on this forum simply because most of his post are repetitive and useless. Secondly, I’m not trying to get people to hate me, I was just saying that a few people already told me there was not enough thing to comments on yet, so it was pointless from him to say it AGAIN.

I’m always having difficulty with lighting, this might be wip, but if you have any tip on lighting huge scene. Have any link to tutorial, or watever you think would help me, I’ll appreciate it.

Also, if you checked the link I posted a few post up, you would see that what I’M doing is a “full scale” sci-fi city.

In the empty background there will be more building, roads, flying cars, landing platforms, ships landing etc…

I know it’s been done alot of time before, but I never did so and never really saw a thing made by a blender users…so I thought I could give it ago.

and erafuilon, I might be acting differently as before, it’s simply for the fact that I thought it’s been enough long that people spammed wip forum thread with useless comments…I seriously don’t care about a “oh gr8t” or “that sux” if they aren’t accompanied by any critic or suggestion…a wip thread isn’t a showcase gallery, it’s a place to receive help and make the pic better.

Maybe I went a bit “crazy” about it…but anyway, you get the idea…

eh, go crazy all you want, it’s your thread.

anyhoo, I like the level of detail on that roofy thing, very nice creases and meachanical look, the lighting looks fine to me, nice night time all around lighting look. Very mechanical feel, but are those things on the “roads” pipes or a texture?

keep up the good work, I like it.

X-warrior, after reading Kansas-15’s post, I have to hang my head in shame and humility and say now I see what you meant in THAT other thread, :o when I read his post, I thought he was making fun, having seen some more of his postings I am not so sure, :-? I start to see what you feel, anyway back to your project, This looks like its going to be a lot of (fun) hard work, can’t wait to see it progress.


To check the lightning you could change the color of the buiding to a more bright one. Something close to white. Then add a huge area light at the place where the sun would be and give it a white/yellow color. Add another light at the other site and make it skyblue. This light should have a low intensity. You could duplicate this light a few times to make a rim light. This will make the shadows from the sun less black (ie more realistic).
And man, you seems to be frustrated. Please keep in mind there are also new people on this forum who are happy they found blender and are proud to show their first things… These people you find irritating might be trying to hepl you, so even if you don’t like their critics or find them not constructive, stay gentle!!! Don’t scare these people but give constructive critics to stay in your focubular…

X-warrior: It’s just that I’d like to see this place as friendly as it ever was. Did you post this at cgtalk’s wip forums? I’m sure you’ll get more professional advice there. But you’ll get some here as well, later :slight_smile:
BTW, I’m sorry, I was too harsh, really.

i’ve seen cgtalk and the people there are masters of professional advice and criticism. They’ll probably give you quite a bit more then you would over here.

i’ve seen cgtalk and the people there are masters of professional advice and criticism. They’ll probably give you quite a bit more then you would over here.[/quote]

You know, that’s actually the problem. From what you say, this make elysiun wip and finished project forum completly useless…lets go people, we’ll create an artist forum for only off-topic chat! yay…lol I might be exagerating…but it’s looking like it.
oh well…here’s in an update…


…well…not much new…so I guess no critic untill I add another building or two. See ya then! :stuck_out_tongue:

/me goes and post on cgtalk for “professional advice”… (bleh)

nice lighting now. is it possibel to havea really sharp shadow line, as well as some glow?

p.s. did you get my other advice from my previous post. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: