Environment flythrough

A scene i am working on. Using several shader and resources found in these forums like ssao and water. The models and textures are made by myself.

http://j.imagehost.org/t/0293/enviro1.jpg http://j.imagehost.org/t/0719/enviro2.jpg

I uploaded a .blend again with the basic meshes.
It will get you this:
Cheap Halo ripoff, I know, but I had to do it. :slight_smile:
Since it’s just my scene put into the ssao-shader-blend from martinsh, you’ll have to push “2” after starting the BGE to get ssao.
Hope it works. Any feedback and critic is greatly appreciated.

The grass is from this thread btw: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=179449
The water is this: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=152830&highlight=ocean
The rotating sky was from another water resource from the forum.
Rock textures from cgtextures and edited. Tree textures made with tree[d]. Dry soil and treetrunk from a texture set called “photorealistic”.

wow that looks amazing u should make a climbing game :slight_smile:

WOW, that is absolutely awesome. Better than any environment test I’ve ever seen.

WOWOWOW the graphics look awesome dude!!
ok im not even ask an obvious question,is that in glsl mode?
Gratz man!
All the best,

That is cool

Really impressive… how do you get such a smooth framerate?

Thanks, I really appreciate your comments. The downside is, to answer your question about the smooth framerate, that i think it’s almost at its limit. i tried to implement it into one of the FPS templates. It gets really slow then. Though it’s not going below 30 frames it’s not really playable smoothly anymore. As a plain demo it’s ok i think but you can’t expect more unless you have a better rig (this running on a Phenom II X4 955, GTX 275) or do a lot of optimization.

Use a polyreducer script in the mesh tab in edit mode, that reduces polygons without effecting the meshes looks to much, you might be able to do it several times, give it a shot, maybe you will like it.

Post some screenshots, it’ll attract people

Yeah, I’m gonna add some screenshots when i get home. Forgot the obvious somehow. As for the polyreducer script, thanks for the hint but i already used it. Think the rocks could still be more refined though. Luckily nobody notices because of the video quality (and nobody will ever find out how crappy everything is put together if i never release the files, hehe).

I second that. A climbing game would be really great…lots of nasty falls…“Help, I’m stuck on this ledge with two broken legs…” :eek:

You should release them anyway, that way you can learn from your mistakes and we can learn from all the things you did to make it.

Hm, you’re right, actually. I’m gonna work on it. Got to get rid of unused texures and all. Right now the filesize is a bit big.

As a matter of fact, it woud be cool if the scene itself could get some refinement in the end. My intention was actually try out how far the BGE can be pushed with effects while having a larger detailed scene.
Unfortunately my scripting skills are non-existent and I didn’t succeed in combining the latest ssao script with that build with alpha shadows while at the same time using spewboys water with a mirror script.
The latter got somehow influenced by the ssao script, it seems, so I used some other water from the forum. The problem was that the normalmap animation speed got increased everytime you push the “2” key to start ssao. Guess it has to do with some random stuff involving textures but - as i mentioned- due to my lacking skills in scripting wasn’t able to find out what was wrong.

Point is, if anyone is willing to help with the scene it would be greatly appreciated.

I will take a look at it if you don’t care, I would love to see how you made the scene and would be glad to help you fix it, but I can’t right now, so if you don’t care pm it to me. Bye.

very nice stuff!

P.S. may I propose you collab with my project if you having problems with scripting?
In turn I can teach you all I know :slight_smile:

Are you sure you made the rock textures? cause they look similar to oblivion.

Good job! Looks great, I only wish I could run this on my computer, if I use any filters I get crazy low fps, the SSAO demo runs at 0.1 fps, and the default scene in GLSL runs at 30 fps. I need a new computer.


Damn. You really had me thinking for a moment if I forgot to use my own textures again because I did play around with some oblivion textures. :slight_smile: I ensured myself that it’s not from Oblivion by finding the stock textures from cgtextures I used for creating mine. Phew.

On a side note: I did make some .dds textures out of it as well and I released a bunch of rocks for Silgrad Tower and Oblivion in general though without that said texture.

@Inferno: I will think about it. Though it just screams for sending you the file because of your nick and making your 666th reply with your request. :slight_smile:

@Nikolay: I saw some vids about your project the other day and thought it to be very impressive. Gonna think about joining your team.

Hmmm, I understand, that is quite weird, but I am not satan, so no worrys there, besides would you want to denigh satan a request if he was actually talking to you straight forward, woosh, I hope to see you alive in the morning. lol. But I am trust worthy, I wouldn’t give out your .blend to anyone unless you said i could.

me to :frowning: it sucks

Updated the OP with a .blend.