environment maps for reflections

Is there a repository of environment maps - I don’t mean HDR, just regular Blender maps used for the Environment Map texture (consisting of six squares)? I’d like to fake reflections, without necessarily having a background (except a backbuffer image).

Another question is about HDRI or LDR environment images - does Blender only use angular maps? Lots of resources offer those panoramic maps (with the lower half black) - is it possible to use them in Blender in a sensible way?


Yes it’s possible to use panoramic maps aswell.
You’ve just to choose the correct mapping method in the world texture panel.
And another way would be, to model the desired geometry (cylinder, sphere, dome),
then pointing the normals inside and do some mapping in the Materials buttons.
If you are so far its easy to render your own enviroment maps with the env render option
Here are some infos from the wiki



Thanks Patel
I haven’t thought of actually modelling the geometry and assigning a shadeless material. That would probably be the most straightforward method.