Environment texture in Blender 2.63 doesn't not show up?


I am facing an odd problem with Blender 2.63. In earlier versions of Blender (e.g. 2.62) I had no problems using an Environment texture with the Cycles Render engine. It shows up and lights the scene as I expect it to do.

Now, with Blender 2.63 I can’t get it to show up. It’s simply black and there is not effect on the lighting of the scene? Only if I use a solid color rather than an image it works out.

I have searched in various places to find out what changes have been made between 2.62 and 2.63 in this area since I also realize that some of the options seems to have changed - but I haven’t the clue yet :frowning:

I appreciate if any of you could give me a hint or direct me to some descriptions of this.

P.S. I have tried to load the factory setting for my installation - so basically if I just start Blender from “scratch” and add an Environment texture .hdr file, I don’t see any result.


So I tried to install the newest testbuild 2.63.13 of Blender and that fixes the problem - great :stuck_out_tongue:

I have done some testing in order to identify the nature of the problem, in case someone else faces the same issue. I guess it is somehow related to my graphics card which is a NVidia GeForce GTX 560.

I tried to reproduce my problem on two other computers, one with a GTX 260, and in every case things worked out fine. I then tried to install a new beta version of the graphics driver for my GTX 560 with no success. The same applies for older version of the graphics driver. Unfortunately my talent does not allow me to go any further :wink:

But anyway - with the new Blender I am ready to move on with environment textures. My thanks to the Blender development team!