Environment texture is blurred

So, I’ve uploaded environment texture, and it seems blurred and doesn’t work as expected. Im in perspective view. Environment Ditch_River_2k.hdr works just as expected but Ice_Lake.hdr doesn’t. Does it have something with that 2k?
Please help

Always remember that an environment map has to cover the full 360 degrees of the scene’s “world”, which is an awful lot of space to cover.

To do so and still give a sharp image, you will need a gargantuan resolution for the texture. Are we talking about Ice_Lake_env.hdr? That image is only 360 x 180 pixels, which certainly does not qualify as gargantuan. That file is meant to be used for lighting only.

For reflections and to provide an environment image you will have to use the also included higher resolution images (Ice_Lake_Ref.hdr [1600 x 800 pixels] and Ice_Lake_HiRes_TMap.jpg [8000 x 4000 pixels]).

You’ve saved it! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

The lowres blurred version is usually meant to light up diffuse only, combined with a sun object if appropriate. That approach tends to get much cleaner much faster than relying on the full HDR.