environment texture reflection

Hello, I have a question how can i make the windows of my skyscraper reflect the clouds of the environment texture in cycles?

i hope somebody knows,

thanks in advance

What are you trying to accomplish? Just plug the image into the background node…
The “Is camera Ray” would be plugged into the fac of a mix node to tell the camera what texture to “see”. Its useless in the way you are using it.

What Rich33584 said: Your node setup doesn’t make a whole lot of sense…
And why use the Light Path node at all? You want the background HDR to light the scene and to be visible to reflections, refractions and camera. That’s the default for environments, so no need to limit the visibility for any of those? Just stay with the standard settings:

And here - as a little addendum - is an analysis of your node setup:

The first Color Mix node is redundant: Because of Fac = 0 it will always have the unmixed value of the “Is Camera Ray” output (0 or 1). The next Color Mix node is what causes your problem: For all Camera Rays is Fac = 1 and the environment texture is visible. For all other ray types (reflection / refraction / diffuse etc.) is Fac = 0 and therefore the greyish color is “seen” instead.

thanks for the help guys i will use that :slight_smile: