Environments needed for Graphic Novel

Hi I am the artist/writer of my own graphic novel that is currently in the works. I am here to request help from a blender artist that can build some skeletal environments that I can basically zoom around in, take snapshots of camera angles and draw over them to add in my characters, texture and colors for each panel.

I have written a script for Volume 1 and have layout for it, currently I am editing and getting ready to start drawing the book. It is a dystopian world which begins in a huge landfill that contains a makeshift city within it. In volume 1 it takes place entirely in the landfill and future books will branch out into other environments, but that is further down the road.

I think it would be excellent to have a 3d map with mountains of garbage, makeshift shacks, hovels and tents, exposed sewage pipelines, mud and slop, and so forth to give a better sense of depth and realistic perspective to my scenes. That being said it doesnt need to have perfect realism, as its a comic and will be textured with crosshatched lineart and digital watercolors. I am looking for just the structure, i.e. the basic gray skin look of particulate garbage mounds. I can work with you to provide sketches for specific areas that need to be rendered. I will basically be tracing over them so the drawn characters and backgrounds are seamless. I have seen 3d work that mimics a line art style and I am curious if I could make that work, I’m open to looking at samples or talking about doing that, but I am wary of having too much of a jump between the drawn characters (in a somewhat scratchy open style) and the slickness of 3d art as a background. Plus I don’t want to demand much work of a volunteer 3D artist at these beginning stages of my future graphic novel empire.

Right now this is a labor of love. I am hoping that by self publishing Volume 1 I can start to garner interest by going to comic cons and promoting it. I would like to pay or backpay any collaborators in the future, especially as the environments get more complex and varied. Also I hope this goes without saying but I’ll say it, that anyone working as a collaborator will get a credit in the book explaining their role in the creation of it. Feel free to reach out to me with ideas or suggestions on this topic. Check out my patreon that outlines my goal and my mythology in greater detail than I can do here. You can also go to my website and my instagram to look at my art style and past comics. All links below.

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