EnvironTek Games Looking for Mainly Animators but also other motivated members!

Hello, I’m the art director of Environtek Games. we are currently seeking skilled animators and also wouldn’t mind taking on a couple more 3d modelers and concept artists.

Team Name: EnvironTek Games
Current Project: Landslide
Target aim:
In the short term, we look to develop a few small titles to help identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team. After this, we shall look on to the long term goals.

Our long term goal is to produce a game title that is of commercial quality. We plan to market this game and grow our group.

We will provide compensation based on profits made from projects. You will receive a profit share, if we turn a profit on a product that you have worked on.

We primarily target the Windows PC at this time. We have plans to develop in the MAC OS, the IPHONE, IPAD, and possibly even the Android OS.

Talent needed:
Currently we are looking for people who are interested and motivated in their particular area of expertise. We primarily require the following positions to be filled before the start of any development.

Animators: We require animators for our 3d meshes. We need a few people who understand game animation and can work well in a group.

Concept Artist: We require an artist who can take a written description and create a sketch for our 3D modelers to work from.

2D Artist: Currently in need of someone to do 2d work such as menu’s, interface and things along those lines. can also be a concept artist.

Modelers: We could use skilled members who understand how to manipulate and produce production ready models.
-Organic Modelers: Must have a good understanding of human anatomy(since thats what most characters contain no matter the race or species) and for this project we require bump maps for all of our characters using whichever high poly modeling program you please. and you must be able to texture, whether it be the old fashion 2d uv map way. or poly paint.
-Inorganic Modelers: Must be able to work from reference, concept art, and from scratch preferably. also must be able to do ones own texturing same rules apply.
-Both is always a plus, but by both you must be able to do both at production quality.

Texture Artist: must be extremely good at doing textures, because we do not see this as a necessary team addition if all members are able to carry out texturing duties. so a good large portfolio is required.

Team structure: This is our Current Team Structure as of 8/4/10
Team Lead: Tim Carlisle
Programming Lead: John Young
Programmer: Lejon Wilcher
Programmer: Tim Carlisle
Design: Joseph Mutchler
Music: Dylan Groot
Music: Stijn Donders
Music: Brianna Eason
Music: Matt Crawford
3D Art: Kevin Alexander
3D Art/Art Director: Bryan Monsalvatge
Web Design: Matt Weston

Contacts: Time Zones included to give you an idea of availability, and positions
Team Leader: Tim Carlisle(japan standard time)
[email protected]

Art Director:
Bryan Monsalvatge(Eastern Time)
Email: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]
Skype: Rockinoutt93

Our Website:

Our Forum:

Previous Work by Team:
Tim Carlisle:
*World Amelia: Project Lead, Scripter, MMO, attained average of 30 concurrent users and 2000 registered accounts in first 3 months of deployment. Was closed in 2007.

ANY :evilgrin:

Some of our finished and unfinished work worth showing ;).




Nice graphics - welcome here. I can’t help, but I’m sure you will find help easy. All the best!

errr… any pay?

unfortunatly we cannot offer any up front pay, but we are being talked to by a publisher at the moment, but we are still unsure of going that route. so to answer your question, no upfront pay just yet.

What game engine do you guys use? Your own?

we are currently looking at either UDK, Unity 3d, or Torque 3d. we have a very skilled and motivated programming team so no matter the engine we shouldn’t have a problem.

This character is around 5,000 polys still unfinished but itll give you guys an idea of where we want the detail to be.


5k polys seems a bit…much

well the goal with this game is to go next gen. so of course the poly counts will be on the high side. this one is currently alittle too high and im going to need to retopo the head subtool because that seems too be where alot of my high poly counts are coming from.

Considering the “watermark”, your image is probably stretched but still, the upper arms and hands are way to long compared to the other dimensions the figure is based on. Than again, I don’t play computer games (the shooting kind) so I suppose the concept artist had a reason?

yea I’m not sure why but he is stretched. this is actual one of my models with no concept just kinda happend in zbrush ;). and a useful trick to keep your proportions correct is to make a sphere at the shoulder and have the ends get to the center of the palm and centerish of the thigh. that’s the average human proportion. hopefully that will help some of you, now it wont help of course if your fingers are ridiculously long your just going to have to eyeball that.