EnvMap dont work

I made a skybox for my game but it wont load the picture as an EnvMap,
I’m using Windows Vista, here’s the blend file if anyone could help please thkx:eek:


Uh, I don’t see a skybox, just the pics. anyway, nice game so far.

the sky box is already selected when you start the blend file, just scale it down to see it better


the envmap dose not work in the game engine.

just map the images to a huge cube, and surround your level with it.
Make sure the faces of the cube are facing in and collision is turned off with the ghost button.
once you get it nice looking, make a new scene , and link the cube there, and use a scene actuator to see it.
then make it into a single user in that background scene with the U key. be sure to unlink everything or it will not work.

be sure to set the faces of the cube to unlit for best results.

have fun!

thanks Mmph! but I’ve made a Low poly UV mapped halfsphere vertex parented to the camera and it works perfect!