envmap in a composition <UPDATE>

(d52477001) #1

hi,i was just quickly experimenting with reflections in a composition. the result wasn’t too bad i guess but i will experiment a bit more and see if i can make it look more realistic. you will have
to look very closely because it is quite small to keep the file size down. anyways tell me what you think. (you need the divx codec to watch it?


(d52477001) #2

hmmm 37 views and no replies? I guess that i have to improve it a LOT then :stuck_out_tongue: .

(hannibar) #3

Maybe don’t put it in a zip file. I don’t really feel like saving to disk -> unzipping -> opening stuff.

(d52477001) #4

ok i took your advice. here it is in avi (divx codec still needed):



(stephen2002) #5

humm, seeing it with that low quality defeats the purpose of the test. I can’t tell what is being reflected in the sphere.

you can always use my forums to post a larger version.

(hannibar) #6

Nice composition. I think the shadow is way to bright though. Look at the shadow of the guy. That shadow has no real defined edges.

(d52477001) #7

here is the updated larger one. i haven’t changed the shadow yet because i did not rerender. I just took the version before i changed the size.


(stephen2002) #8

now that I can see the sphere, it really dosn’t look like the environment is being reflected properly in the sphere.

Also, the shadow needs fixing