envmap in Real time

Aid Not that it happens
I am an expert user, the examples of Blender about envmap in real time work, but I modify them and I return to prove no longer work them.
When I create Envmap, in render it shows them well, but when wanting to see them work in real time no longer they work.
I have made these tasks in a PC with Win XP
Make a scene
I have a sphere
I create a material to him, a texture EnvMap
Enable in the properties of the material Map Input - > Refl
Render the scene, soon except for envmap with the option Save EnvMap
Later I qualify the Load option of the Envmap, soon Load Image, and position the image that habia kept I qualify the
Game option - > Use Blender Materials
Press letter P and the EnvMap Does not work,
no longer that to do, help me

It sounds like you have done everything correctly, so I cannot tell what the problem is without seeing the file.

There is a reflection button you need to push in the material pannel.

The file

I have looked your file over, and you have done everything correctly according to the 2.41 Game Engine Materials Documentation. I do not know why it is not working. I switched the texture type from “EnvMap” to “Image” and that displayed fine, but I do not know if it gives the exact result you are looking for. Also, you may like to know that your texture is sized wrong for best performance. Textures for use in the GE should be dimensioned in powers of 2 (for example, 64, 128, 256, etc.) otherwise the GE will scale them in memory, using up system resources. Try 1024x1024 or something.

Thanks, blendenzo

If I am not mistaken you need to UV map your sphere with a “Blank Image” texture. I am guessing that this can be any junk image.Then the GE and the Blender Materials will know how to apply the envmap.

Think of it this way. You can add all these great Blender Materials but the GE still depends alot on the UV coordinates on how to apply the materials to an object.

hope this helps