EnvMap needed?

Do you only need this botton checked in the render menu if you have set up EnvMap’s in your scene or can it benefit other scenes in some way? Can having it clicked, just in case, slow down render time?

Just wondering because I’m trying to figure out ways to speed rendering. My current project has been rendering for 12 hours so far. Don’t know how finished it is either because I’m rendering it in parts (6X6). I did a search on here and it looks like rendering in parts can slow things down unless your low on memory. Maybe I should quit the render and start over :wink:

But then again maybe its my four megapixel output size…


various render speed improvements:
keep your file from having to swap to disk when you render
add more ram
smaller textures and meshes [textures make more of a difference]
render in parts

use envmaps instead of ray mirrors

increase octree size if raytracing
in the render buttons is an option for octree size. This is used to make raytracing faster, at the expense of memory allocated.

if you have a detailed scene it is usually a good idea to turn this up, but you will need to play with it because it also takes time to fill up a larger octree so at some point it becomes slower.

use a more optimized [by fancy compilier] build

uhh, that’s probably enough to start. A faster graphics card doesn’t make rendering faster, it is done entirely on your cpu. More ram can help, but blender will not utilize all of it. other features have additional ways you can tweak them [someone has a lod script for subsurfs I think, and radiosity has bunches of ways you can make it faster]

Thanks z3r0 d.

I don’t know if I want to mess with envmaps instead of ray tracing. I looked at a few tutorials and it looked more complicated.

textures huh? maybe that 4 megapixel texture I put in there on about 6 different mats wasn’t a good idea…

I looked through all of that thread and 2.34 was the newest version on there I noticed optimazation for. Maybe I missed something. Will I lose anything when compiling a scene created in 2.36?

Correction, I downloaded it and it is 2.36. don’t know how I got confused…