envmap problem????

(scrappy) #1

i am having a problem with my envmap, some of the objects in my scene don’t get rendered into the envmap, when i know for sure that they should be visible. can two objects get linked some how, so when the 1st object is creating its envmap, the 2nd obj. that may be linked, is not visible…HELP!!! this is driving me crazy :-?

(pofo) #2

Don’t know what the problem is, if you could post a .blend I might be able to help.
Only things I can think of are: 1) it might be the same mesh, I sometimes forget to part my meshes.
2) are all layers active? I often forget to activate important layers before I render.

This probably didn’t help alot :wink:

  1. pofo

(Jolly Gnome) #3

And one more: does your EnvMap texture have any layers it does not render (series of small buttons and title “Do not render this layer”) and if so, are some of the unrendered objects in a layer that doesn’t get rendered in the EnvMap?

(BgDM) #4

OK, I think I understand what you are asking. When you calculate the env map, make sure that all the objects that you want included in the envmap are on a different layer than the object getting the envmap applied.

Now, when you click the “Do not render layer” button, this should be the layer that has the object that you applied the envmap to. Nothing else. This should probably solve your problem.

If this fails, maybe try my envmap tute here -> http://mysite.iptic.com/bgdm/page4.html