EnvMap sample

i guess i am not fully understand EnvMap
i cant make a simple example …

this one
and this

i tried to make the example for the first link (just by images ,dont speak that language)
but i am sure i am missing something

i am not getting the same result
i think i don’t understand something with the layers

please help


env_map_test.blend (213 KB)

yea, it’s the german wiki blender-book. Since i’m not really familiar with environment maps have a look there:

i have looked in it

but it wont help my with my sample

more help please
can someone fix my blend file and tell me whats wrong

Angular maps are fun and easy. They look great and make you feel like you are in the scene when the camera moves.


hi atom thank u …
u made a bridge with a river also i see
did u use EnvMap to make the water reflection?

testing testing one two


env_map_test.blend (213 KB)

ok i was able to do it
i was looking for help in the IRC chat
so five guys ware helping me :smiley:

what i didnt understand that i need to select both layer
and put the plane in layer 2

also there is a bug i see was fixed and version 2.9 RC3 (white dots around the sphere reflection)

so what i did was
placing the plane on Layer 2
select both layers
an “Map input” select relf
on “map to” , select col ,cmir ,ref

at EnvMap
set “CubeRes” to 1000
and select dont render layer 2

thank u all

i change the sphere to red color

but it does not show on plane as red ?

can you explain how to do that ?


just try it before replying

yes ,
in the EnvMap texture
did u free the data “Free Data” ?

remember ,
the advantage of EnvMap that it calculate the reflection only once (in static / image mode) before rendering .
so u have to free the last EnvMap before rendering changes

what do you mean by freeing the data?

i mean which data are you talking about ?

and how do you do that ?


Select your plane
go to “Texture buttons” (F6)
on “texture” select your EnvMap texture

on EnvMap
press the “Free Data” button
or “Free All EnvMaps” i case that u have more object’s with an EnvMap texture
and u want to free data for all of them ,
this i just a short cut , for not going manually to all EnvMap textures
and pressing the “Free Data” button