I have a problem rendering a landscape scene to Envmap.
I have water in my scene, and it uses a SSS material. When I render the scene to envmap, my water appears black&white, with no shading. But once I turn SSS off in the water material, it renders normally (with no SSS effect of course). Probably, the brightness map calculated for SSS material for some reason gets rendered to envmap…
Is there a way around this? How can I tell Blender to calculate SSS before it renders an envmap?..

well 1st Don’t know if it helps but SSS is 3D world size specific- so if the scale is off- it may be working, but it won’t render as expected. Try this- go to your SSS settings and alter the “Scale” slider
Larger settings will be brighter (Simple tech explanation), smaller settings will be darker (Which is usually the default)
Be careful w/ that though because it also may make it look flat- in which case- you’re reflections and normal mapping (Or displace) may assist.
Can you post a file or pic- it might help…

Okay, here are some pictures to better illustrate the problem:

I’ve set up a simpler scene with cubes so that it renders faster
This is a normal render, and this is what I want my water to be.

And this is what gets rendered to envmap:

The problem is a SSS prepass that usually renders before the normal image (I think). So, is this possible to somehow avoid it?
I’m using Blender 2.49b and the default renderer.

been trying to duplicate your scenario to get the same error to fix it, but I can’t can you post the file… waters cool
Oh- and if you can pack the texture- just in case its something unique…

Okay, here’s the file http://rapidshare.com/files/337872650/CUBESKY.zip


After looking at the file- you’re totally right- that may be a bug- because yeah it should finish the SSS calculations and do the color overlay before sending it to the environment map. Not sure if I’ve ever heard anything on that. U might just have to turn SSS off initially??? Just to make it clear for anyone that knows something about it…

Sub surfacing scatter does sort of like a light pass before compositing it with the color of the mesh. that light pass is black and white grey scaled that you see when rendering it.
With the environment mapping it renders light pass only and puts that into the environment image file- not the composited full-color pass.
So why is this???
Any thoughts…

Probably it’s an issue that can be solved only by Blender developers.
And if I turn off SSS, water looks like a plastic. I certainly don’t want that. So, where could I make a post on this problem so that developers can read it?

Bugs can be reported here actually…

Many, many thanks for your help, R3sili3nt. I will go and report this bug now.